water and a deep breath

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I am forever coming across old photos in my archives that I have completely forgotten about. Does that happen to you?

imageHere are some images of Lake Tahoe’s beautiful, clear waters. Stumbling across these photographs came at the perfect moment because I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately and the image of water always calms me.


imageWhenever I feel anxious, stressed, burned out or can’t make a decision, I always gravitate to water. Even just visualizing it in my head lowers my blood pressure.

imageIt makes me feel like I can finally take a deep breath.

imageI recently took one of those personality tests and while it said I was highly creative, optimistic and spontaneous, it also said I was prone to let my enthusiasm for new experiences leave me feeling over-extended, scattered and exhausted. Haha! So true.
And what centers me, gives me perspective and recharges my soul? Water. While I’ll always prefer the sea, lakes and pools also offer tranquility.
What about you? Do you have a place that you always return to when you need to take a deep breath?


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Hi! I'm Nuvea. I live in Southern California with my husband, three horses, four dogs and one cat, but can frequently be found restoring our tiny stone cottage and olive grove in Portugal.

4 thoughts on “water and a deep breath”

  1. What beautiful scenes of tranquillity! 🙂 Yes, water and a deep breath works for me too.

    Mostly work stress? Not related to the new home, I hope.

    • No, not the new home, and thank you for asking! Mostly just work stress. I also decided to finish my master’s degree, so between new clients, teaching and going back to school, I’m feeling the pressure. I’m actually looking forward to the peace and quiet of the Portuguese countryside this summer. And manual labor. Lots of manual labor. Which can be therapeutic.

  2. I too, gravitate to water. Nothing like calm low tide or crashing waves against the Farol to make me feel alive, even spiritual. But my peaceful place is in the middle of a northern Vermont creek, with sunbeams streaming through protective tall pines, and the rustling sound of low quick water bubbling at my feet.

    Good luck with everything. Looking forward to following your progress in Telhados Grandes!

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