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A Girl’s Best Friend

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It’s no secret that I love my dogs. That’s LOVE my dogs. I take them everywhere. I like taking them hiking, to the park, the beach, historical monuments, downtown cafes, shopping, bar hopping, well, you get the idea. I always enjoyed traveling with humans, of course, but I started taking my dogs with me more and more, and have had so much fun that I don’t even want to go without them anymore. It just feels like I’m cheating if I don’t bring them with me. In fact, one of the reasons I started writing this blog was to share some of the great hikes and places that are pet friendly for other dog-crazy people like me. So, I decided I would start documenting all the dog friendly adventures we have and write about them here.


I hope this blog will continue to be a creative outlet for me to share some photos of happy dogs with their happy humans, and that it will inspire you to explore a new place with your best friend.

20121125-100751.jpgLabor Day is Monday, and the days of galavanting with reckless, carefree abandon will soon be over; replaced instead with distressingly little time for sloth or idleness. I can’t remember who wrote that, or something like it, but how true it is! Although fall has been my favorite time of year since childhood, living in southern California has made it tie for first place with summer. No cloudy, humid overcast days here, with a possible chance of thunderstorms. Oh, no. Here, it’s always perfect beach weather. All summer long.

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It was a great summer. How about you? Was your summer all you hoped for?canon pix 056

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Hi! I'm Nuvea. I live in Southern California with my husband, three horses, four dogs and one cat, but can frequently be found restoring our tiny stone cottage and olive grove in Portugal.

One thought on “A Girl’s Best Friend”

  1. elisete santos says:

    Love this photo ! Glad you are having so much fun taking the dogs everywhere ! They must love it too !

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