For God and Country

Daisy's Desert Dog Treks

It’s not often that a dog can ascend a trail to reach both spiritual and patriotic heights, but in Riverside, California, it is totally doable. Daisy and I took a last-minute hike one afternoon to explore Mt. Rubidoux, a 1,337 foot hill located within the city limits of Riverside, and found both a flag AND a cross at the top of the trail. I’d driven past it a number of times and found out from a friend that it was a popular hike with the locals. The day we went was unseasonably warm, and while not the most crowded hike we’ve ever been on, it was pretty busy with all sorts of people and lots of dogs. Lots of BIG dogs. Thankfully, most of the trail is made up of a paved road which is wide enough to pass everyone without leashes getting tangled or any other territorial issues that might arise with so many dogs on a trail. I spoke with another hiker and she said it gets even busier, so if solitude is what you’re looking for, it might not be your best choice, but it’s probably quieter on weekdays. The trail is approximately a 3 mile loop, with several dirt trails leading up to the paved road. There’s also a more official entrance at the gate off 9th Street. I was able to find a parking spot on one of the side streets, but make sure you check the signs before you park. By far, the most interesting part of this hike is the amazing 360 degree view of Riverside from the top. There is a marker that displays all the major landmarks below (only in So Cal would a car dealership make it to landmark designation) and the mountains beyond. The most unusual part of this hike? The very odd assortment and abundance of historical markers on this one hill. I have never seen so many markers in one place. Of course, Daisy insisted on being photographed next to all of them. Daisy gave this hike 3 out of 5 wags.
095view from mt. rubidouxMt Rubidouxwooden bridgedog and plaqueFr. Serra Cross

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention how beautiful the neighborhood is surrounding Mt. Rubidoux. The the streets near the entrance of the park are lined with gorgeous Victorian and craftsman-style homes. Another great place to walk with your dog!





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Hi! I'm Nuvea. I live in Southern California with my husband, three horses, four dogs and one cat, but can frequently be found restoring our tiny stone cottage and olive grove in Portugal.

2 thoughts on “For God and Country”

  1. lausannelady says:

    your dog posts remind me that I need to come clean about our very ill-timed experience last year with a little french bulldog puppy named Camille. it’s a long story, and, not being able to ultimately keep her and take her with us to switzerland was sort of the catalyst and beginning of the life crisis I found myself sorting through once i got here — but i see your incredible love for your dogs, how they’re part of your family, and i know you’ll understand where way too many people I know didn’t and cowered me into keeping everything i felt about it all locked down. I think i might be getting close to sharing that story on the blog now that you’re there. 🙂

  2. NuveaSantosCobb says:

    What a touching remark! I think when you have no children of your own, as in my case, there can be an especially profound bond with our dogs. They are always there for me. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to leave yours behind. I’m sure she’s in a happy home, but It must have been heartbreaking. I’m here when you’re ready to share and let it out.

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