Introducing Daisy, Chloe & Finley

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This is my first attempt at blogging. Ever. So, I am a bit nervous and intimidated by the whole thing. I decided to go ahead and try it anyway because people keep telling me to get out of my comfort zone and face my fears. So here goes nothing.
I live in Horsetown, USA, otherwise known as Norco, California. I moved here last year when I got married to a very handsome cowboy after 10 years in the desert. I still LOVE the desert and continue to work there as a teacher.
We have three horses, two American Quarter horses and one American Paint horse. Well, he’s a registered paint, but he’s solid colored, so he’s a paint that ain’t.
We also have three dogs and a cat. I’m trying to convince my husband that we need a couple of burros, too. You know, to protect the place and all.


Finley: the world’s most unlikely ranch dog. Rescued from a shelter, forced to live out the rest of his days amid animals much larger than he. Poor thing. Must resort to climbing on hay stacks in order to be taken seriously.


This is Daisy Mae Doodlebugs, my eight year old Australian Shepherd. She is quite possibly, one of the smartest, and best dogs ever.


And this is Chloe, my 5 year old??? pit bull/shepherd mix. I found her one hot day, wandering the desert, skin and bones and terrified. It’s been a long rocky road, but she’s come along nicely.

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Hi! I'm Nuvea. I live in Southern California with my husband, three horses, four dogs and one cat, but can frequently be found restoring our tiny stone cottage and olive grove in Portugal.

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